Off-market leads are updated daily, Monday - Friday.  Refer to the "Date Added" column to keep track of which leads have been added since your last download.

New entries are being added to the spreadsheets daily, usually at the bottom.  Not every spreadsheet gets new information every day - some areas might not have new filings, or we may not get a new filing entered the first day because of a large number of filings in another area.

There are a few exceptions to this:

  • Some counties, such as Fort Bend, Comal and Dallas, don't post their pre-foreclosure filings until 3 weeks before the auction date.  When that happens, we do our best to get the filings in the spreadsheet as fast as we can, but it may take several days if there are a lot of filings.

  • Most code violations are updated monthly, but at different times of the month depending on the individual city.  There is some variance in the data because these have to be requested individually from the different cities.  Some come back right away, and others take a couple of weeks.  Some are updated less often. 

  • Delinquent Tax data is updated monthly for most counties

  • The tax sale list is updated regularly, but most filings occur in the second week of the month, or three weeks before the next auction.  You should see the most being added to the spreadsheet during that week.