Cancellation Policy  

Monthly Subscriptions:  Your subscription to Real Estate IQ services such as Fast CMA, Deal Analysis Suite,  Deal Finding Suite, or the Premium Deal Finding Suite is a recurring monthly subscription.  The price of the subscription will be automatically charged to the credit card on file on the same day of the month as your subscription began.  You may cancel at any time, but the cancellation must be received by noon CT of the business day prior to the date of withdrawal.  If the cancellation is received within three (3) days after the withdrawal has been made, a fifteen dollar ($15) administrative fee will be assessed.  No refunds will be made after three days, but the subscription will remain active until the next renewal date.

Annual Subscriptions:  There are no refunds for annual subscriptions. It is at the discretion of the management to make exceptions to this rule for special circumstances such as medical issues or bankruptcy. When exceptions are made, a refund of the subscription will be made on a prorated basis, with a fee assessed that is equal to one (1) month of service.  

All cancellation requests must be in writing, and may be submitted via email to or through the customer service portal at  Please make sure to include the name and phone number associated with your account.