This course teaches you not only the principles of finding on and off the market deals, but most importantly what is a safe and profitable deal. Licensed Real Estate Agents and Experienced Investors lead students through a series of classes and key topics.

What is a Deal?
That elusive first deal… Whether they’re on the MLS or off the market, this class teaches students how to find deals, and determine if they are safe and profitable.

Contracts and Contractors
Students learn the importance of hiring a general contractor or project manager, depending on the scope of work. Additionally, the course covers how to find the right contractors, qualify them, and what questions to ask. Blank Independent Contractor Contracts and a blank Release of Lien will also be provided.

REIA - Real Estate Investment Associations
Investor need to constantly grow their circle of influence as well as always be learning new tricks and tips. This class gives student the know-how so they can expand their influence, and gives them an understanding of the latest market trends. This will help them identify opportunities that competitors don’t even realize exist.

Funding & Insuring the Purchase & Rehab

Students learn how to establish the right financial structure and work-in the right type of insurance for their projects. The class will analyze before & after rehab examples for students to grasp the range of options available.

Deal Flow System™
This class is part of the RIS Deal Flow System™. A quick overview of the FACE-OFF model (FInd>Analyze>Calculate Budget>Exit Strategy>OFFer)

focuses on pulling the right comps and rehabbing the property for success.

Receive two free important documents to start rehabbing properties on the right foot; a blank “Independent Contractor Agreement” and a blank “Release of Lien.”

Class Agenda

6:00 PM - Students arrive, sign-in, and networking.

6:15 PM - Class starts. The class is designed in 2 segments of 50 minutes with a 10-minute break in the middle and a 10-minute Q&A at the end.

7:05 - 7:15 PM - Break

8:05 - 8:15 PM - Q&A with Instructor

8:15 PM - Product Demonstration & Networking

Product Demonstration or Networking

Classes are followed by a 10-20 min product demonstration of our proprietary technology used in The Deal Flow Process or you can select to participate in the networking event instead. This is our cutting edge tool that helps investors find discounted houses and rental income properties quicker than their competitors. Having the most accurate, up-to-date results, investors can hone in on exciting investment opportunities faster than anyone in the market. We believe business is get done through the right teams. We also provide alternative networking with instructors, vendors, investors and agents.

Instructor Bio

Lea McFalls Zeqiri

Lea has been a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker since 1998 and an active Rehabber since 2002. She has negotiated hundreds of deals from the simple single-family purchase, to complex stacked transactions involving several parties.

As a rehabber, she works as her own General Contractor. She is Project Manager on all her projects and solely responsible for the hiring of all subcontractors. She maintains a strict work schedule and budget on all projects with onsite inspections to ensure all work is performed to the highest standards.

Lea supervises team members, and writes project plans and contracts. She pays close attention to reviewing bid proposals and awards contracts to those that emphasize quality control and safety. She has a proven record of success completing projects on budget and on time. She is known to excel in unpredictable and hectic environments.

Her teaching style is dynamic as she adds real-life stories and excitement to her classes. She brings forward her philosophy of transforming complicated material into simple steps that beginners can easily learn. She is truly an expert in residential rehabs. With 18+ years of real estate experience, Lea can say she has seen it all in the residential rehab industry.

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